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Mission Log Ardent Episode 1
Level 2400
Ships 1Factor: 0.36
Layout Misson0
Sector Interesting-10

Other Server Settings

Sensor Range 100 km0
Enemy Speed 100%0
Enemy Shields 100%0
Enemy Weapon Power 100%0
Player Shield Strength 100%0
Player Weapon Power 100%0

Captain's Log Stardate 41623.75

The Ardent has been ordered to a sector of space controlled by a race called the Drenni, a race of intelligent lizard-like humanoids. They control half a dozen star systems in the region and are new members of the Federation. They are currently at war with another race called the Navien. Our orders are to escort a Navien diplomat to peace talks with the Drenni in hopes of ending the war. We are to deliver her to the luxury liner Verran to begin the talks.


Captain's Log, Supplemental

The Ardent was lured into an asteroid field by Drenni ships with markings indicating they were a rebel faction. The Ardent defended herself well, We delivered the Navien diplomat to the Verran.

Starfleet Command has ordered the Ardent to a science station in the same sector. It is a joint operation between Starfleet and the Drenni, developing some of the more powerful Drenni technologies. Starfleet informs us that sensor sweeps have detected multiple enemy contacts in a nearby nebula. Their proximity to such a valuable asset is troubling.

We are to enter the nebula and deal with this threat.


Captain's log, Stardate 41623.89

The science station has been destroyed. A communication was sent from the station just before its destruction indicating this may have been an act of sabotage.

Sensors then showed a quantum singularity where the station was. We can only assume this had something to do with the experiments that were taking place on board.

The singularity threatened the entire sector due to it's increasing size and strength. Two ships, the Verran and a civilian transport, were in the sector when the disaster occurred. Because of the danger, we only had time to save one ship. I ordered the Ardent to save the Verran. They are the best hope for peace in this sector. I only hope I made the right choice...


The Crew

Ardent (Battleship)  Ardent (Battleship)
Captain Samuel Mitchell
Crewman 1st Class Al'Yx
Ensign Charles Key
Lieutenant Jennifer Wisniewski
Cadet 2nd Class Clara Wisniewski
Crewman 1st Class Makayla Wisniewski