UEE Idris

A random collection of missions ran on the community teamspeak. The crews will most likely always be different. I will try to have most of the missions have video recordings of the mission. Some of us are in the TSN RP, so the RP ranking system is used. Those of an Ensign or above have their official TSN RP rank shown.

The community teamspeak server is located at artemisspeak.org if you wish to join us. Who knows, you may end up in one of these missions we run!

Mission Log - A personal favorite of the missions we ran


Crew Members31
Missions & Trainings6
Won (incl Trainings)4 (67%)

Latest Mission Recording

Iron Man Challenge
(Siege Very Interesting 11)

Latest Missions

Iron Man Challenge
(Siege Very Interesting 11)
TSN Officers Off Duty
(Siege Very Interesting 10)
The Big 7
(Double Front Very Interesting 7)
(Misson Very Interesting 9)
A Spooky Assault
(Siege Very Interesting 6)

Active Crew

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