Artemis SBS Vessel Library

Dear Friends, Science Officers and Captains,

i thought it would be helpful, to have some kind of library computer at hand when needed – on the Bridge!  Especially in moments like when the science officer reports several incoming „Arvonian Light Carriers“, I’m asking myself how fast they are or how many fighters they have on board.

So i made a small vessel library. It can be opened by any browser from any device (hopefully). I simply use it from my smartphone browser.

The Library simply shows some graphics from the manual. No fancy graphics, just buttons you can hit easily in the heat of a battle.  I know, there is much potential for improvement though.
Artemis Vessel Library
No copyright infringement intended.

At the bottom, I added links to the Artemis homepage, Facebook, Twitter, the unofficial Wiki in case you need further info.

Here is the link.

Tell me what you think!

UPDATE 7.4.13:

  • added Firing Arcs
  • reduced graphics and added text
  • active menu buttons are highlighted


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