Artemis Tools

The positive response to the Artemis Vessel Library made me think about other stations than the science or captains that could use some additional functions.

Artemis Tools
Artemis Tools

Off cousre all functions should be easy accessable on a tablet pc or smartphone to have them ready during the game and to get some kind of the „tricorder feeling“. So I extended my responsive website -a lot- to Artemis Tools Artemis Tools weiterlesen

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Big Brother im Wohnzimmer: Xbox One mit Skype

Ich bin ja kein Konsolero, aber die Ankündigungen von Microsoft über die Xbox One fand ich alleine aus datenschutzrelevanten Gründen interessant. Eine Konsole, die ständig online ist, deren Kamera analysieren kann, wieviele Personen sich im Wohnzimmer befinden und evtl sogar auch genau wer? Ein Mikrofon, welches ständig mithört, damit die Xbox erkennen kann, wann sie an- oder ausgehen soll?

Auf die Formulierung in der Datenschutzerklärung bin ich mal gespannt. Ich vermute, dass die so Klassiker enthält, wie „…Daten auf Microsoft-Servern gespeichert…“ und „…an Dritte weitergegeben werden…“.

Microsoft implementiert natürlich auch Skype in die Konsole, was naheliegt, da Skype ja mittlerweile zum Konzern gehört. Kennt Ihr die Geschichte um Skype? Nicht? Hier mal kurz zusammengefasst:
Big Brother im Wohnzimmer: Xbox One mit Skype weiterlesen

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Artemis SBS Vessel Library

Dear Friends, Science Officers and Captains,

i thought it would be helpful, to have some kind of library computer at hand when needed – on the Bridge!  Especially in moments like when the science officer reports several incoming „Arvonian Light Carriers“, I’m asking myself how fast they are or how many fighters they have on board.

So i made a small vessel library. It can be opened by any browser from any device (hopefully). I simply use it from my smartphone browser.

The Library simply shows some graphics from the manual. No fancy graphics, just buttons you can hit easily in the heat of a battle.  I know, there is much potential for improvement though.
Artemis Vessel Library
No copyright infringement intended.

At the bottom, I added links to the Artemis homepage, Facebook, Twitter, the unofficial Wiki in case you need further info.

Here is the link.

Tell me what you think!

UPDATE 7.4.13:

  • added Firing Arcs
  • reduced graphics and added text
  • active menu buttons are highlighted


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Regula 1.1 (Mission for Artemis SBS 1.70)

Hi Guys,

i updated (and debugged) the mission Regula, which was written for Artemis 1.65.

Yout ship is nearly wrecked from the last battle … but you won. Dock at the station DS Regula 2 to refuel and repair. What will fate have in stock once you get there?

Stations needed:
Captain, Helm, Weapons, Science, Comm

Science and Com got a lot to do. Don’t underestimate their jobs in this Mission!

Best played with:
Artemis light cruiser
3D ChaseCam: OFF
5 Players

Have fun and comment!

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